Chimaera (Yanartas) Tour

Yanartas is situated 230 meters ascent up cirali hills. It is known as the eternal flames which is really caused by the combusition of natural gas seeping out oft he ground.

Chimaera is an … city and the fire appeering from bereath the ground is considered sacred based on Homeros text, According to the myth the monster called Chimaera, was a fire breathing 3 heacked monster part lion, part goat and part snake. The Lycian King sends young Bellerophontes to kill the monster. Together with his horse Pegassos that hack wings Bellerophontes goes to kill the fire breathing. As Chimaera attacks Pegassos rises ans Bellerophontes hits Chimaera with his spear and burries seven depths under the ground. Chimaera continues to breath fire from under the ground since then.

If you are on a holiday in cirali you can reach Chimaera either by bicycle or car or on foot.

Price of Chimaera Tour (per person) is 60 TL. Price includes both way transfer and entrance fee.


Ulupinar Mah. Cirali Sok. Kemer/ANTALYA/TURKEY
+90 539 350 44 71

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